Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Journey Begins

This is my first post in this journal that I will be keeping for "Songs From The Little Road", a film I will be shooting in India. This is all so overwhelming. I am moving away from Boston my home of three years and packing for India all at the same time. While I wait for fed-ex to ship away my life's possessions I can't help but reflect on the three last years of my life and how lucky I really am. So this is my fair-well to Boston and all the memories it has lend to me. Summers, Argentinean's, some best friends, some enemies and a hole in my pocket. I will miss Boston, dearly.


Blogger Thomas Lane said...

Saw your web page. My only advise, which was I give everybody. Don't do anything Dumb!!!

Uncle Tom

6:49 PM  

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