Saturday, May 27, 2006

We arrive to Kolkata 05/24/06

Travel To the city of Kolkata took roughly twenty four hours. A 6 hour flight into Heathrow England for our eight hour layover. Free alcohol on the airplane held us over until we found a nice little pub in Heathrow at 8 am GMT. I was to tired to continue the drinking. Angshuman the director and Ronnie Rose, sound extraordinaire indulged in a couple Stellas, well more then a couple actually. We boarded our plane to Kolkata a 9 hour flight. When we arrive to the airport we had a relatively easy time getting out of customs considering how much gear we traveled with. 10 pieces of luggage between the four of us. 2 primitive Bolex 16mm cameras, 2 Panasonic DVX100s and a boat load of Ronnie’s sound equipment.

We took a jeep ride from the airport to what will be home base for the next month and a half. A crazy ride that consisted of honk and avoiding oncoming traffic. Angshuman’s parents have put us up in their apartment in the city. A great place to call home for a while in a place that seems like another world not just another country.

We went for a walk around the city. Naked babies, dogs and people sleeping in the streets, vegetable markets, live chickens. Many eyes were glued to us walking down the street. Intense staring. Naturally I stared back just as curious as they were. My nose, ears and eyes have all been flooded with new sights sounds and smell. It’s almost overwhelming but to exciting to be overwhelming. T-Minus 7 days until we go into the Patua Villages.


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Emily and Evan - We are thinking about you and miss you - hope that you are having a fabulous and safe time, Sorry to hear about your tooth Evan - what an experience!
All well here, love to all esp Emily. Have a clench time - love you

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