Saturday, May 27, 2006

We test the waters. 05/25/06

Second Day in Kolkata we wake up late. A good nights sleep considering the humidity. We make our way to change our American Dollar to the Indian Rupee. I felt like P-Diidy with all my hundred dollar and five hundred dollar bills. Every one stared at use as we put away our giant wads of foreign currency. We went shopping with some of our money. I bought two pairs of linen pants. 1100 Rupee about 20 bucks which is expensive for pants here. By the time we were done shopping and eating lunch it was night. I took some pictures of men digging drains near downtown kolkata.

Later at night we went to a man named Buba’s house to talk about our post production funding. He is ex accountant of a television production out here in Kolkata. When we arrived at his house he was extremely intoxicated. He lectured us for hours. By the end of the night he drove us back drunk and in the end agreed to take care of all our post production funding.


Blogger Leah said...


hello my friends. our friends. it's monica and i, leah. tales of your travels sound so interesting -- all post production funded, too! sweet. also, .com, you have some sweet pics man. (hahaha.) um. hahaha. hahahah! hahahah! stop it! hahahah! ha! sorry that was monica.

boston is the same, but it's not raining anymore. thank god. we met some scottish men in a bar tonight, and were treated to shots of whiskey and very appropriate entertainment. um. maybe you can tell.

love you.

monica green &
leah howse.

ps -- write more. we will too.

8:35 PM  

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