Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Road Trip 2

Well back from another road trip this one was about 8 days and focus mainly on music of the Bauls. The Bauls are some really laid back people. They are orange grab toting virtuosos of West Bengal. They have long hair, sing songs about Eternal love and Krishna, and some of them smoke a fair amount of weed from what is called a Chillum. A small clay smoking device. Their music and philosophies are incredible!

Day one we arrived at home base, a friends of the Ghosh’s house in Shantinikean. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. We received a call on our way there that the house had been robbed. We got there and the only thing that had been stolen was a small stereo system. We ran to the store and bought some extra locks for the house. After a day the water stopped running. We had to borrow water from the neighbors well. It was a group effort and extremely fun. We filled like 10 gallons worth of small buckets and all fought about who got to pull the bucket from the well next. We had to bath with buckets which was different for me but, normal for many in this country.


Blogger Thomas Lane said...

Keep the water coming. Take a lot of pictures of the different cars, especially old ones.

9:48 AM  
Blogger sadhak said...

bauls songs the truth of humanity ,human philosophy.....it teaches the way of lifeeeee

3:49 AM  

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