Monday, May 29, 2006

Going to the villages in the morning. We are going to the village of Noya. I will keep you updated in a little with pictures and other good stores. communication will be limited as they have no electricity or running water. I will be there for 10 days. So far we have interviewed two people about the Patua artform a curator and a anthropologist.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Preparing for the film. 05/26/06

Went to a dentist today. My tooth was killing me. It was a really interesting experience. He was very rough, used his bare hands, to be quite honest the whole experience scared the piss out of me. My tooth is infected, but he cleaned it up and prescribed about 6 different prescriptions. Antibiotics and pain killers. It was amazing to me that after all done and said, medication and dentist with out insurance the entire thing cost about five hundred Rupees. ( about 12 dollars). I figure I better take care of all this before we venture into the villages.

Were test drove all of our equipment today. There are still kinks to work out. We also went out to a Indian club and I have managed to stay up till 4:30am. We have an interview tomorrow morning with a curator of a museum that specializes in Patua Folk art. Night.

We test the waters. 05/25/06

Second Day in Kolkata we wake up late. A good nights sleep considering the humidity. We make our way to change our American Dollar to the Indian Rupee. I felt like P-Diidy with all my hundred dollar and five hundred dollar bills. Every one stared at use as we put away our giant wads of foreign currency. We went shopping with some of our money. I bought two pairs of linen pants. 1100 Rupee about 20 bucks which is expensive for pants here. By the time we were done shopping and eating lunch it was night. I took some pictures of men digging drains near downtown kolkata.

Later at night we went to a man named Buba’s house to talk about our post production funding. He is ex accountant of a television production out here in Kolkata. When we arrived at his house he was extremely intoxicated. He lectured us for hours. By the end of the night he drove us back drunk and in the end agreed to take care of all our post production funding.

We arrive to Kolkata 05/24/06

Travel To the city of Kolkata took roughly twenty four hours. A 6 hour flight into Heathrow England for our eight hour layover. Free alcohol on the airplane held us over until we found a nice little pub in Heathrow at 8 am GMT. I was to tired to continue the drinking. Angshuman the director and Ronnie Rose, sound extraordinaire indulged in a couple Stellas, well more then a couple actually. We boarded our plane to Kolkata a 9 hour flight. When we arrive to the airport we had a relatively easy time getting out of customs considering how much gear we traveled with. 10 pieces of luggage between the four of us. 2 primitive Bolex 16mm cameras, 2 Panasonic DVX100s and a boat load of Ronnie’s sound equipment.

We took a jeep ride from the airport to what will be home base for the next month and a half. A crazy ride that consisted of honk and avoiding oncoming traffic. Angshuman’s parents have put us up in their apartment in the city. A great place to call home for a while in a place that seems like another world not just another country.

We went for a walk around the city. Naked babies, dogs and people sleeping in the streets, vegetable markets, live chickens. Many eyes were glued to us walking down the street. Intense staring. Naturally I stared back just as curious as they were. My nose, ears and eyes have all been flooded with new sights sounds and smell. It’s almost overwhelming but to exciting to be overwhelming. T-Minus 7 days until we go into the Patua Villages.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Last Photo In america for a while.

Well, this is going to be my last photo in America for a while. Hopefully when I get back my photos will be somewhat different then they are now. As I absorb India and the experiences become a part of me my work. My Photos, films and writing will be changed. Next time I blog in this thing I will be on the other side of the world. Cheers everyone and have a great summer.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Project.

"The most significant fact of modern days is this, that the West has met the East. Such a momentous meeting of humanity, in order to be fruitful, must have in its heart some great emotional idea, generous and creative."
- Rabindranath Tagore

TrueRoot films’ production of Songs from the Little Road featuring renowned UK DJ State of Bengal will begin production on May 27, for a 50 day shoot in West Bengal, India.

To observe the fruits of cultural interaction.
Capture the spirit of Bengal and Bengali culture.
Combine Eastern and Western forms & ideologies, while assuming
our own visual and commentary aesthetic.
Utilize film, the medium which led to a decline in folk arts to
reinvigorate artists and the artforms.

The filmmakers are storytellers
traveling alongside a way of life
they have never before

This documentary will be following
the Hindu folk traditions of
Muslim scroll painters (Pataus)
in regions of West Bengal, India.


Songs from the Little Road:
In English, for Western audiences, reflecting what the foreign crew
learned from their interaction with an alternative culture
and philosophy.The filmmakers are storytellers
traveling alongside a way of life
they have never before

Ananta Jebone (Life Eternal):
In Bengali, for folk artists, illustrating the crew’s understanding
of their artistic philosophy and the future of folk traditions.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Journey Begins

This is my first post in this journal that I will be keeping for "Songs From The Little Road", a film I will be shooting in India. This is all so overwhelming. I am moving away from Boston my home of three years and packing for India all at the same time. While I wait for fed-ex to ship away my life's possessions I can't help but reflect on the three last years of my life and how lucky I really am. So this is my fair-well to Boston and all the memories it has lend to me. Summers, Argentinean's, some best friends, some enemies and a hole in my pocket. I will miss Boston, dearly.